The chorizo ​​parrillado is a traditional product that we elaborate with the best lean of beef, seasoned with excellent peppers (with a touch of spice), sausages in natural gut, smoked of artisan form with wood of oak and cured to obtain the ideal maturation and to taste it sliced



Offering special food for 20 years

The Kosher Chorizo ​​of Spanish beef, is distinguished especially by a deep smoked flavor. We offer a peculiar spicy sausage and sweet chorizo ​​to the market.

We believe that a touch of "smoke and fire" much appreciated by customers who like deep flavors, with an extra touch of flavor.

Chorizo ​​is a traditional product highly valued in the Spanish gastronomy. We make it with the best lean beef. You can find it both sweet and spicy. Both are seasoned with excellent peppers (predominantly the spicy), sausage in natural gut and smoked in a handmade way with oak firewood