Offering special food for 20 years

The sausage is handmade with selected Kosher meat. It is cured for six weeks with fresh air from the mountains of Leon. It tastes lightly sweet, almondy, and with a rich, fresh taste, and smooth texture. Simply cut and serve with good bread. To experience it takes its time because this pepperoni is surprising and mysterious: the most experienced will distinguish some of their spices but, until now, no one has found the exact combination. It should be cut, like the other sausages, with just a couple of millimeters thick but the experience varies if you choose to make small tacos. Some people do not conceive it without bread but it is a prejudice. A sausage of these characteristics, with its melted fat, its full and different flavor, deserves its own ritual alone. However, there are delicious combinations with sweet and savory flavors. And in all the recipes, he leaves his special stamp.